Update for 2018 ACAL conference participants (No 1 Sept 3)

(If your email was used for other people, please pass this information on to them)

Download the Conference App

While we want to maximise the  impact for you we want to minimise impact on the environment so we are providing a dedicated app with all the conference information.

The app is similar to the one we used in Darwin in 2017.

Don’t have a tablet or smartphone? You’ll still be able to see all the information on the website and there’ll be a very simple print version at the registration desk.

Download the App NOW and get help here


Take notes

While the app has a small note taking option, if you are an inveterate note taker you should bring your own notebook.

Early to bed, early to rise  …

We’ve got a lot to fit in so the conference starts at 8:30am each morning. Check times.
(Pre-conference – a noon start for you!)

Spelling knowledges – new session

Session F4 it is now ‘Spelling knowledges: taking a strategic approach’ presented by Jan Hagston and Lee Kindler from Multifangled.

Session choices

These will be printed on your name tag and they are also shown on your invoice we sent when you registered.

Remember to get the App

Get it here