2018 ACAL conference

ACAL Conference • September 12, 13, 14 – 2018 • Melbourne

For over 40 years, ACAL has actively promoted language literacy and numeracy policy and practice and advocated for equitable provision for all Australians. As an organisation entering its next decade, ACAL is committed to working with other state oganisations to build strong communities and links between stakeholders in the adult literacy and numeracy field. The 2018 ACAL conference will provide delegates with a wide range of opportunities to engage in dialogue around research and practice. Practical sessions will enhance our understanding of how learners’ personal histories can help or hinder their engagement with language, literacy and numeracy. The conference title ‘Learning in diverse communities – Strengths, Reflections, Questions’ sets the process by which every educator can pause to consider their practice in the light of theories and understandings of learners from diverse backgrounds. These are some of the questions we hope to address in the course of the program: How can we recognise the sound pedagogical practices within these diverse learning communities? How can we respond to the changing needs of these diverse communities? How do we continue to build the professional capabilities of LLN practitioners? You are invited to

  • Illuminate methodologies within practice
  • Sift out the method within the espoused theory or research results
  • Share knowledge and experience

Conference keynotes

Pre-conference • September 12

Adult Literacy Connect: Public Libraries and Adult Educators

At Melbourne’s newest metropolitan library at Docklands


Conference sponsors, supporters and exhibitors

Adult. Community and Further Education


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