In 2018 the Australian Council of Adult Literacy begins the next stage of its career. After 40 years of actively promoting language literacy and numeracy, and communication provision and research, ACAL begins to look to the future needs of its members and their learners.

This Conference offers an opportunity to take a moment to reconfigure our practice in the light of research and practice in understanding how learners’ personal histories can help and hinder their engagement with language, literacy and numeracy.  

The conference title ‘Learning in diverse communities – Strengths, Reflections, Questions’ sets the process by which every educator can pause to reflect and reframe their practice in the light of researchers and practitioners recounts of their theories and understandings of learners from diverse backgrounds.

How can we recognise the sound pedagogical practices within these diverse learning communities?

How can we respond to the changing needs of these diverse communities?

How do we continue to build the professional capabilities of LLN practitioners?