Literacyon the map 2011 conferenceSee presentations from the 2011 ACAL Conference in Melbourne 'Literacy on the map: Common visions, different paths'


ACAL Darwin conferenceSee and hear presentations from the 2010 ACAL Conference in Darwin 'Hands Up ... Hands On ...'.


Keynotes included (audio available)

'Getting Serious about Adult Literacy in Australia' by Professor Joe Lo Bianco, Chair of Language and Literacy Education and Associate Dean (Global Engagement), The University of Melbourne

'Language, literacy and social inclusion in Timor-Leste' by HE. Kirsty Sword Gusmão, Chairwoman of the Alola Foundation and Goodwill Ambassador for Education, Timor-Leste

'Ethical Foundations of Critical Mathematics Education: A Socially Response-able Approach'

Bill Atweh, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the Science and Mathematics Education Centre at Curtin University of Technology


'From Strength to Strength' • 2009 ACAL Conference • 1-3 Oct 2009

See the conference presentations

Keynotes included

'What counts, who counts; developing understandings of numeracy teaching from international and cross cultural experiences' by Dave Baker from London Institute of Education in the UK where he is a Reader in Adult Numeracy and post-16 Mathematics.

'Beyond Schooling: Towards a more adult LLN curriculum' with Dr Rob McCormack from Victoria University, Melbourne, where he has established teams of student rovers employed as peer mentors to assist other students in the Learning Commons.

'The Strengths in Us All' with Dr Peter Waterhouse, Workplace Learning Initiatives


ACAL conf logo'Surfing outside the flags: catching waves, avoiding rips’

with QCAL at Surfers Paradise, October, 2008

Presentations from the conference and forum


The Power of And

in conjunction with New Zealand organisations
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in South Australia


In conjunction with ALM12 Conference (Mathematics)

Four Seasons in One Day logo2004

Four Seasons in One Day in Victoria


2012 National Year of Reading

The Year of Reading