Advice to presenters

Audio-visual at U City

U City have advised they

  • provide a lectern, microphone, projector and screen, whiteboard and Flipchart as standard AV.
  • provide a laptop for each room, or you may bring your own while noting the points below.
  • provide a HDMI cable which will allow for connectivity to the screen and projector and the speakers in the room for non-Mac laptops.
  • have found that some Macs can be problematic with connecting to the projectors which is an issue with the Mac programming rather than the projectors themselves.
  • some Macs require a particular cable (not supplied by U City, you’ll need to source one) to connect to projectors.
  • if you have a firewall in place on your laptop you may also have connectivity issues.
  • will have a staff member on site to assist with connectivity to the projector.

PowerPoint presentation

You can bring your presentation on

  • your own laptop, or
  • a USB, or
  • stored in the cloud and you have access to it from other devices.

The choice is yours.

However, it is important that you test whatever option you use prior to the conference so that you are sure embedded items or links work in the new device or setting. Please don’t assume – test, test, test is best, best, best.

(Embedded items increase the size of the PowerPoint and stay with it, say when it’s transferred to a USB or another laptop.

Linked items may be ‘lost’ if you move your presentation to another device and the link was to an item on your own computer.)


If you are using a PowerPoint or similar please forward a copy to so that we can store a backup copy in case of technical issues.

Session host and timing

  • We plan to have a room host who will introduce you to the group and keep an eye on time.
  • Our program is full and there will be limited time between sessions so please keep track of which room you will be presenting in and be ready to connect any computer with presentations to make sure it is all working before your session begins.


We look forward to seeing you there!