Over the past few months ACAL has had a series of meetings with the production company Endemolshine about their plans to produce an Australian documentary series for SBS on adult literacy learners. The producers and other staff we’ve met with have been responsive to our feedback and have displayed an understanding of the sensitivities around adults who want to improve their literacy, and the possible impacts of publicity on those individuals.

ACAL have provided a letter of endorsement of the concept to SBS, based on those consultations and the subsequent responsiveness of the Endemolshine team.

The production company is now seeking participants for the documentary series. If you are aware of an adult learner, or group of learners who may benefit from this opportunity, you can put put them in contact with Endemolshine.

Call (02) 9054 7811 or email read@endemolshine.com.au

Download the flyer as PDF

SBS-Endemolshine flyer