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Numeracy webinar August 5, 2015 followup

'Sharing and reflecting on numeracy teaching practice'

This information is provided for those people who registered for the August 5 webinar.

1. Documents and links referred to during the webinar

Some numeracy (and literacy) resources and materials - a list compiled by presenter, Dave Tout.

Numeracy by Measure (a zip file so will download) - a link mentioned by a guest, Tina Berghella.

Building Strength with Numeracy - VALBEC numeracy resources by Beth Marr - many of them free.

Sample budget planner from MoneySmart - by guest Poonam Bhamgara .

An ACAL video of Beth Marr demonstrating some strategies and techniques using Building Strength with Numeracy.

2. Wished you were there?

You can see a video recording of the August 5 webinar here.