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April 2014

Aboriginal literacy and the 'Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages'

Monday 14th April

5:15-6:15 pm

Northern Territory Library, Parliament House, Darwin

Presenter: Dr Brian Devlin, Assoc. Prof Bilingual Education, School of Education, CDU

NT Council for Adult Literacy (NTCAL) invites you to participate in 'Aboriginal literacy and the Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages'. This is the first of four events NTCAL is planning for 2014.

The 'Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages' contains thousands of books in over 25 Australian Aboriginal languages from over 20 communities in the Northern Territory. These books include traditional stories, language instruction, histories, songs, experience stories and ethno-scientific texts. Dr Brian Devlin, one of the Chief Investigators on the project, will show how to access these resources and share ideas about the ways in which these resources can be used to support English language and literacy learning.

This session follows the official launch of the 'Living Archive of Aboriginal Languages' by Dr Tom Calma and Professor Michael Christie on Monday 7th April at the Northern Territory Library.

More about the official launch.


For more information about the session contact NTCAL alison.reedy@cdu.edu.au

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