Conversation starters

ACAL state representatives have been considering aspects of adult literacy and numeracy that are presented in two conversation starters. The papers are the views and perspectives of the author and the ACAL committee encourages you all to have a read and use this as both a means of professional development as well as an opportunity to start conversations. We hope they stimulate your thinking and provide an opening for discussions with others to explore the issues.

December 2018

Conversation Starter 3

‘PIAAC The International Adult Literacy survey – should Australia take part?’ by Pam Osmond

Dec 2018

ACAL members across Australia have been considering the value of PIAAC. Pam Osmond, from NSWALNC provides a summary of the debate around PIAAC. We hope it stimulates your thinking and provides an opening for discussions with others to explore the issues.

Have you read it? – Dec 2018

A review of documents relating to adult literacy and numeracy

This month Jo Medlin has reviewed two new papers:

  • The capable country: Cultivating capabilities in Australian education (Mitchell Report no. 03/2018, Lucas & Smith)
  • Mission Australia Youth Survey report 2018

In addition, there’s a look back at 2013 and the introduction of the Foundation Skills Training Package.

We welcome suggestions for future reviews.

September 2018

Conversation Starter 1

‘VET Literacy Teachers: Our Unique Value Proposition’ by Debra Urquhart

Sept 2018

In her paper, Debra Urquhart, NSW State Representative, discusses the identity of adult literacy teachers within the vocational education and training (VET) sector. Debra examines this unique position through a debate on qualifications, professional development, curricula as well as regulatory frameworks.

Conversation Starter 2

‘The Deficit Model of Education – Impacts on Learners and Teachers’ by Rhonda Pelletier

Sept 2018

Rhonda Pelletier, Victorian State representative has prepared a paper on the deficit approach. This is timely indeed, with many speakers at the conference referring to issues around the deficit approach to adult literacy and numeracy. Rhonda has explored the history of the approach and considered how it is reflected in Australia today.

Have you read it – Sept 2018?

A review of documents relating to adult literacy and numeracy

Jo Medlin has reviewed three papers of interest to adult literacy and numeracy educators and provided the links to access them:

  • Ai Group 2018 Survey report on Workforce Development needs Skilling: A national imperative (Sept 2018)
  • ALA: Re-imagining WELL in the 21st Century (June 2018)
  • ACTA: Problems in the Adult Migrant English and SEE Programs (May 2018