Women’s Education – making a difference


Caralyn Lammas


Part of the 2022 stretched conference

Presenters: Caralyn Lammas
Date: Thursday, 1st December 2022

I will address this topic from three perspectives. Firstly, I will share what it means to me to be an educator of women. I will then discuss the background, purpose and scope of the TAFE SA Women’s Education program, and the transformative effect it has on students. I will conclude by explaining why women’s education is necessary and what happens in families, communities and societies when women are educated.
As I progress from myself to the classroom to the wider world, I’ll take Arch Nelson with me.
We know Arch for his work in adult education, particularly in adult literacy. We also know that his motivation was to address disadvantage and injustice. I feel sure that Arch would have approved of the work I, and many other people, do to help women improve their lives and those of their families.
Caralyn Lammas

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