A Presentation by the Manako team at Ako Aotearoa

Date: Tuesday 20th February 2024

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Manako is Ako Aotearoa’s internationally recognised language, literacy, numeracy (LLN) and cultural capability programme for educators who work with adult learners. The programme was recently honoured as a 2023 Library of Congress Literacy Award Winner for Successful Practices.
We invite you to an insightful presentation by the Manako team at Ako Aotearoa, exploring LLN and cultural capability developments and resources in tertiary education.

Annette Van Lamoen will showcase Manako’s varied Professional Learning and Development courses and workshops, designed to cater to the changing needs of educators with new perspectives and innovative teaching methods. Link to bio

Graeme Read will talk about the Manako Communities of Practice, collaborative platforms for educators to share experiences and learn collectively. Link to bio

Dr Damon Whitten will take us through Ako Aotearoa’s Knowledge Centre resources. This valuable resource hub offers free access to the latest research, case studies, and educational tools. Link to bio

Michael Grawe will introduce the Ako Aotearoa Educator Pathways on Pathways Awarua, highlighting the unique aspects of this free resource. Pathways Awarua provides a comprehensive guide for educators to further develop their skills and knowledge. Link to bio