Tell us what you think about the FSKTP 

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Do you share any of these concerns about the Foundation Skills Training Package (FSKTP) that have been raised with ACAL recently? Please tell us if you do, or if you would like to comment or raise additional questions. While the TP is in limbo it seems a good time to consider what we know and don’t know so these questions can be put to the Jobs and Skills Council that it is eventually allocated to.
We may seek answers to some of these, but essentially the fact that they are still being asked suggests the information is not clear enough.

  •  Are some units intended to be pre-vocational and so below a VET level 1 AQF 1? The AQF wheel does not acknowledge such a thing so is there a gap in the AQF?

  • Why are there 2 FSKTP qualifications called AQF level 1 when both have different ACSF requirements?

  • What level FSKTP would you need to use for a Certificate III  – that is an appropriate ACSF equivalent?

  • You can add all sorts of high level ACSF units to an FSKTP qualification – does that impact the AQF or ACSF levels?

  • Is there any research into whether learners experience frustration due to a miss match of levels in FSK  qualifications?

  • What is the impact on learners when some units are too easy or some too hard or cover repetitive generic employment related content when the FSKTP is not have been attached to or customised to a VET qualification?