Part of the 2022 Stretched Conference

Presenter: Dr Marguerite Cullity

Date: Wednesday, 9th March 2022

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Dr Marguerite Cullity is an experienced ‘literacy’ researcher, teacher, curriculum designer, and WAALC Committee member.

In this live webinar for ACAL and WAALC members, Marguerite explains how her commitment to literacy research, learning, and teaching has led her to investigate and implement Learning-Centred frameworks that facilitate relevant, achievable, and transferable outcomes.
Marguerite has worked across a range of educational sectors including adult corrections, adult basic, undergraduate, primary, CALD and special needs education.  As an Australian volunteer (2016) she designed an adult literacy curriculum famework for the Mothers’ Union of Melanesia.
Join us as Dr Cullity shares her knowledge of four evidence-based, internationally used frameworks that inform and guide learning-centred LLN work.