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ACAL Professional Webinar Series 2021

Numerate individuals and their numerate environments

UPDATE: Registrations have now closed as we have exceeded our Zoom capacity. However we will be live streaming the webinar via YouTube.

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With Dr. David Mallows (Principal Teaching Fellow, Institute of Education, University College London), Dr. Keiko Yasukawa, (Lecturer Applied Language and Literacy Studies, University of Technology Sydney), and Dr. Jeff Evans (Reader Emeritus in Adults’ Mathematical Learning, Middlesex University, London)

Following the success of the Literacy 4.0 workshop this year, ACAL kicks off 2021 with another participatory seminar-workshop.

This workshop develops the topic of numerate individuals and their numerate environments. As ACAL members are aware, there is growing interest in improving adult numeracy. Increases in precarious employment, heavier burdens on individuals for self-managed economic and social well-being, and changes to ‘customer service’ support provided by private firms are a few of the reasons why having the proficiency and confidence to navigate numerate environments is more important than ever before.

Please set aside Wednesday 10th Feb 5.30pm to join ACAL in learning more about the dimensions of ‘numerate environment’ and what this concept means for helping individuals overcome barriers to develop numeracy practices in a variety of social contexts.


Literate environments, literacy demands and adult education courses: stories from PIAAC (an interview with David Mallow from Fine Print)

Shifting the gaze: from the numerate individual to their numerate environment by Jeff Evans, Keiko Yasukawa, David Mallows, Jana Kubascikova

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