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What’s happening in adult literacy right now? The state councils for adult literacy (CALs) describe their roles and provide current information about the strengths of the adult literacy systems, and some challenges.
Why does the adult literacy field differ according to where you live? While SEE, AMEP and FSFYF are funded federally, other initiatives are at a state/territory or local level. ACAL is in a unique position to see that this provision is not equal. Different approaches are needed to cater for the variety of contexts and learners across the nation, but the differences frequently impact access and equity.
What can we do to create opportunities for every adult facing literacy barriers? Advocacy is required to ensure that any adult who wants assistance with literacy or numeracy can access it – no matter where they live!
ACAL and the CALs are undertaking this advocacy work and invite your support to increase its effectiveness.
Emilia Biemmi Beurteaux (WAALC)
John Radalj (President VALBEC)
Pam Osmond (NSWALNC)
Ann Kelly (President QCAL)
Caralyn Lammas (President SACAL)
Lorraine Sushames (ACAL for NT)
Lucy Whitehead (President TCAL)