Sue Costello

Interview link available to members here

If you’re interested in adult literacy and numeracy and you don’t live in Tasmania get ready to feel both inspired and incredibly jealous.

Sue Costello (26ten Manager) explains how 26ten came about, how it works, and where it’s heading. It’s not a program (but literacy learners can access courses and help), it has no eligibility criteria, it has tri-partisan support, and it’s funded long-term! Are you thinking it sounds like a great model to investigate and replicate?

Listen to Sue and you’ll be nodding your head when she discusses the wicked problem of the stigma around adult literacy gaps, the positive impact of long-term government support, and the strength and momentum of a literacy strategy based on combined efforts across industry sectors and the community. It’s a collective approach with a network that contributes to three goals:

  1. Everyone knows about literacy and numeracy
  2. Everyone is supported to improve their skills or help others
  3. Everyone communicates clearly.

This interview will leave you feeling both excited by the resources they’re sharing and eager to explore the options available in your own adult literacy space to take these ideas and build on them!