This week we are pleased to bring you another interview in our Something to say: Lessons learned, lessons ahead. Series.

Interview with Don MacDowall, recently retired ACAL admin person

With a nod to John Clarke and Brian Dawe, Don talks to ‘Barryy Cassidy’ about how he came to work for ACAL, his experiences, and his retirement plans. As ACAL’s support person for many years, Don has been uniquely placed to see the big picture of adult LN in Australia and to reflect on changes in the field – always with his unique take on what is happening.
Although we always knew that our long serving ACAL Administration Officer Don MacDowall might decide to retire one day, we postponed thinking about it because we couldn’t imagine the team without him. That day has now come, and it’s time to say farewell and take a moment to thank Don for his outstanding support and goodwill over the years. He has remained committed to the success of ACAL and has been a ready source of advice on many occasions (and, sometimes, caution – he is not known as “Handbrake Harry” for nothing!).

Don conducted his business in such a way that his services to ACAL were responsive and seamless, making it appear that we were his only client. Additionally, he has managed numerous successful ACAL activities; and larger events such as forums and conferences, where, on occasions his contingency management skills have been very much appreciated. We have relied on Don as a source of dependable and honest advice.

I would like to add a personal thank you to Don, who has provided exceptional assistance to me in my role as ACAL Treasurer, since he took up his role (we think) in 2005.

Thank you, Don, for your many years of service to ACAL. If you get bored in your retirement, and want to know what we are all doing, our virtual doors will always be open to you. Enjoy!

Lorraine Sushames (on behalf of the ACAL committee, ACAL members, and the wider adult literacy community who have enjoyed Don’s support and dedication for decades)
This would normally part of our member-only presentations in lieu of a face-to-face conference however given the unusual circumstances we have decided to make this available to the wider readership.