Dave Tout

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Literacy + language + mathematics = numeracy

There is enough evidence that numeracy needs to stand out in LLN in its own right … research shows that low numeracy can have a more powerful effect in a range of areas than literacy, particularly for women.

In this conversation Dave Tout, numeracy advocate and expert, discusses the implications of N being tacked on the end of LLN and now lost in the middle of LLNDE. Topics include how we enable more adults to engage with numeracy, learning from our students, opportunities for new teachers to get their training (and the frustrations!), the history of LLN, and the seldom discussed links to high school maths teaching. Dave will get you thinking about delivering numeracy, what works, and what we need to change.

After falling into teaching numeracy and maths to adults and developing a passion for the area, Dave reflects that looking for different ways of doing things and team teaching were key to improving his own teaching and understanding of how students learn to succeed in using and applying maths. He reminds us that best practice is to integrate literacy and numeracy, and that it’s a fascinating field – and for the future we need to invest in adult literacy and numeracy and invest in teachers!