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“It’s really hard to change your practice -…but you’ve got to be brave…we do need to be brave”.

Beth Marr is a numeracy icon and author of a range of practical books based on research. These books have informed numeracy practitioners for decades and Beth has updated the information to make them relevant to today’s teachers.

Beth shares lessons learned from when “we were living in a society and not an economy”, including important advice on approaches for when you’re given funding (“Don’t let bureaucrats tell you how to teach”).

Beth shares her knowledge about:
· Women in technology and maths
· Maths anxiety
· How to share attitudes to maths
· Changing the way maths is taught
· Research about group work and how to use it effectively
· Research about maths language
· How to provide effective PD
· How to get students to talk about maths
· Making your classroom different to what was experienced at school
· Spiraling around skills rather than working through a tick list
· Developing a sense of maths
· Estimating
· Building student confidence
· How to contextualise

Resource links mentioned in the interview

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