Empowerment and Restraint

Overcoming the impact of cultural legacy through Project-Based Learning

with Camilla Portela


Part of the 2022 stretched conference


Date: Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Interview link available to members here

Camilla Portela is a Youth Class Trainer who teaches LLN through Project-Based learning, which explores original thinking, creativity, collaboration, and resilience.   Camilla is dedicated to finding solutions to engaging uncooperative and unmotivated participants and supporting learners with disabilities.

Camilla was a HR manager for 7 years, working in the pharmaceutical, finance, and tourism industry. She then spent 6 years in secondary education and another 5 years working with Refugee Youth Students at Navitas Skilled Futures College in South Western Sydney.

“Through Project-Based Learning, I focus on encouraging my students to continue thinking about issues beyond the classroom such as the Fairfield Youth Art Project – Our Journey to Unity, The Yhunger program, and Working with Reverse Garbage on the design and installation of a sustainable community garden. The Yhunger program aims to improve healthy food access and physical activity options for young people, 12-24 years of age, who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness. “