Membership Benefits

As a member of ACAL you contribute to the wider issues of Adult literacy in Australia with the opportunity to influence policy makers and improve the adult literacy field. 

The committee have seats on a number of key bodies where ACAL advocates for adult literacy numeracy learners and workers, including:

  • The Education Industry Reference Committee
  • The Reading Writing Hotline Steering committee
  • National Foundation Skills Advisory Committee

Here’s some of the other benefits of membership to ACAL:

  • Our electronic newsletter ACAL eNews
  • Special rates for forums and conferences.
  • Access to information regarding current practices in all states and territories throughout Australia.
  • Representation on committees.
  • Information relating to latest policies on adult literacy and numeracy.
  • Links to a wide range of professional bodies.
  • Assurance that grass roots ideas are presented to policy makers.
  • A voice in government lobbying.

Membership fees

  • Student or concession fee for those financially impacted by COVID $60
  • Individuals $75
  • Organisations – teams of up to 10 staff $200
  • Organisations – teams of up to 50 staff $500

Pro rata fees

Joining part way through the year?

Pro rata rates apply for individuals and students

  • Join January to March – full fee applies
  • Join April to June pay 75% (Students $40; Individuals $56.25
  • Join July to September pay 50% (Students $30.00; Individuals $37.50
  • Join October to December, pay the full fee, and membership is current for up to 15 months.


ACAL is funded solely by membership dues.