Conference venues

Thursday morning

TAFE SA, 120 Currie Street - Level 1, Lecture Theatre B.127

Enter from Currie Street or Morphett Street (Light Square) Google map

Go to Level 1 and Lecture Theatre B.127

TAFE SA finding Theatre B.127

Moving between venues

Google walking mapU City is an easy 10 minute walk from TAFE SA.

  • A coach will be available if needed.
  • Coaches will be parked in Currie Street (near where you may have entered) at the Sofitel.
  • A wheelchair accessible taxi will be arranged if required.

See a live Google map guiding you from TAFE to U City in Franklin Street.

Thursday afternoon and all day Friday

U City, 43 Franklin Street - Level 1, Uniting Communities Building

Enter the building from Franklin Street Google map

Proceed to registration on Level 1 via the lift or stairs.

Level 1

U City room layout

TAFE layout

TAFE SA finding Theatre B.127

U City layout

U City room layout