Conference venues

Thursday morning

TAFE SA 120 Currie Street, Adelaide.


Thursday afternoon and all day Friday

U City, 43 Franklin Street, Adelaide

U City Map

U City is an easy 10-minute walk from TAFE SA, however a coach will be available if needed. A wheelchair accessible taxi will be arranged if required.

TAFE SA 120 Currie Street

Lecture Theatre B.127

Enter from Morphett Street (Light Square) or Currie Street

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TAFE SA is South Australia’s largest vocational education and training provider. They deliver job-focused training across a range of industries from entry-level certificates to bachelor degrees, at locations across the state.
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TAGE Sa interior

U City 43 Franklin Street

First floor Uniting Communities Building

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U City’s Function Centre is one of Adelaide’s newest event spaces and is the new home of high quality functions, conferences and catering in the heart of the city.

U City not only supports the ongoing work of Uniting Communities within South Australia, it also contributes to their ongoing commitment of being a certified carbon neutral organisation. It helps event organisers to reduce their own carbon emissions by using a low carbon facility that is 6 star Green Star rated.

U City Adelaide

How does the Function Centre reduce emissions?

Here are some of the ways the function centre is doing its part to reduce carbon emissions:

  • U City is recognised as one of Australia’s ‘greenest’ buildings by design to date. It is predicted to use 45 per cent less energy and 30 per cent less water than a comparable new and is partly powered by solar panels on our roof.
  • The award-winning caterers not only use local food that is sustainably sourced, but they donate left over food to organisations such as the Hutt St Centre.
  • By sourcing all of the produce locally they are able to support small batch suppliers within South Australia and limit the amount of food miles travelled.
  • All waste is disposed of responsibly – food waste and coffee grinds are disposed of in a separate “organics” bin which goes to Jeffries composting facility.
  • Milk cartons and non-refundable bottles are disposed of in the dry waste and all refundable bottles and cans are donated to Scouts SA.
  • All dry waste at U City goes to a resource recovery facility and is turned into an alternative fuel source. This is used by Adelaide Brighton Cement, directly replacing fossil fuels.
  • They don’t use any disposable cutlery or crockery and, to minimise the use of water, they limit the use of linen within the function centre
  • Toilets are low water consumption and all hand towels are composted

All of these initiatives play their part in helping the environment and reducing U City’s carbon footprint.