2023 Arch Nelson Address

At an ACAL conference a distinguished person in the field is asked to give an address in honour of Arch Nelson, a pioneer in adult education.

Dave Tout has been announced as the presenter of the 2023 Arch Nelson Address.

‘Some reflections and connections: growth and support needed for a critical and dynamic adult literacy and numeracy sector’

Presented by Dave Tout, Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research, education consultant

What does the future hold and demand of us all as adult literacy and numeracy practitioners?  Why is our sector still so critical – why is empowering our learners still at the forefront of our work? This period is an opportunity, we hope, to emerge from a time of challenges and turbulence, and to refresh the sector and for it to be sustained as critical and dynamic. This year’s Arch Nelson address will take a look backwards first, before looking forwards – where have we as an adult literacy (and numeracy) field come from and where have we got to? Where do we need to go? What lessons can we learn from the past that might indicate areas of growth and what supports will be needed to get there? Dave will reflect on his long, serendipitous journey within the adult literacy and numeracy sector in Australia, and internationally, and share some of what he has learnt along the way, especially about the importance of connections, determination, and passion.

Dave Tout

Dave Tout

Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research, education consultant

Dave is an experienced adult and youth LLN educator who is particularly interested in making mathematics relevant, interesting and fun for all students, and is recognised as one of Australia’s leading numeracy personnel with over 50 years’ experience working across schools, TAFEs, community providers, universities, national education bodies and workplaces.

He has worked at a state, national and international level in research, curriculum, assessment and professional development. Dave has written many numeracy and maths curriculum, teaching and PD resources, and is also an author of the Australian Core Skills Framework. Dave has been involved in international numeracy assessments including the OECD’s PIAAC and PISA assessment programs, and is currently Chair of the Numeracy Expert Group for PIAAC.