Notice of Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Australian Council for Adult Literacy will be held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 commencing at 3.00pm AEDT by webinar.

Note Daylight saving will be in operation. Check local times

A link to the webinar and details of the speaker will be displayed on the ACAL website.

1 Confirm the minutes of the previous AGM held on October 17, 2018
2 Receive and adopt an annual report from the Executive
3 Receive and adopt the audited accounts of ACAL
4 Elect new officers and Executive Committee for 2019-20

Voting and nomination is available to financial ACAL members.
Nomination forms are available here
Position descriptions are available here

The meeting is to elect the following

  • President
  • Vice President (to be based in a state or territory different from that of the President)
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer

5 Announce state and territory representatives
6 Appoint the auditor, Penny Carroll, Outer Eastern Bookkeeping
7 Close meeting

As this is an online meeting, if a vote is required it will be initially conducted by voice. In the event of a count it may be conducted online or people will be asked to provide their name and how they vote.

‘Plan a project’ webinar

with Lidia Lipkiewicz, winner of the Australian Training Award in Excellence in Language, Literacy, Numeracy Practice (2018)

‘Plan a project’ is a weekly, project-based program that develops language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills.

Workshop attendees will come away with lots of practical hands on ideas including rough lesson plans and rough course outlines. They will also be provided with a list of tried and tested resources that have been developed for the learner who is seeking work.

Through a workshop format, including a power point presentation and an interactive component, participants will gain a real sense of what happens in one of Lidia’s classes.

Lidia Lipkiewicz 

Lidia Lipkiewicz, winner of the 2018 Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice AwardLidia developed a passion for project-based teaching in her first role as a TAFE lecturer in 1995, working with a group of disengaged youth who came from one of the most disadvantaged areas in Australia.

Some of Lidia’s key achievements over the years includes developing and coordinating a highly successful ‘Foundation Skills’ program at TAFE.

A personal highlight and using a project-based approach to English language development was the production of Cinderella with a Twist. In 2010 a group of Certificate 2 and 3 English (ESOL) students were studying oral communication.  It wasn’t too long before Lidia formulated the idea of producing a play. More recently, Lidia’s work with migrant job seekers in the SEE program earnt her the honour of an Australian Training Award in Excellence in Language, Literacy, Numeracy Practice (2018).

Join the webinar

Important Webinar Information

It’s always a good idea to ensure you are prepared well in advance.

To join the webinar you will need…

  1. A computer with stable internet connection
  2. Headphones if you plan to listen via VoIP
  3. A telephone if you plan to listen via teleconference

Please note that Google Chrome is the preferred browser for this webinar.


Please check/test your computer’s compatibility with the webinar room. It is a quick process. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser (Google Chrome is preferable) and follow the instructions:

Our session will be a one-way audio webinar, there will be an opportunity for interaction via the chat box.

The webinar will be open 30mins prior to the starting time of 3pm AEDT.

Check local times here

Joining the webinar 

1. Go to:

2. Under the heading “I am a Participant” enter the following code in the white box: 4124212164

3. Then click on “Join the Web Conference”

4. Enter your First Name and Last Name and click “Done”

*Remember that this will only open 30 mins prior to the starting time.

Sound Difficulties

If you experience any issues in hearing the sound from your computer, please feel free to listen to the event via your telephone using 1800 896 323

THEN Enter Pass Code: 4124212164 

Need assistance?

Simply contact Redback Conferencing on 1800 733 416 or email them at

You can contact them at any time before, during or after the event.