Peer review

Guidelines for individual papers, multi-authored panel papers and individual papers from a panel.

Our original call for papers invited people to choose to have their paper peer-reviewed. Here are the steps.

Complete the following and email it as an attachment to  on or before 15th July 2018

Use a file name and subject line as follows: surname_ACAL_2018_paper_for_review

We aim to include both short articles and peer reviewed papers in the conference proceedings in an effort to encourage wider dissemination of past and current practice as well as the potential for future initiatives. To assist in managing this process prior to the conference please ensure your article addresses the following guidelines:

  1. A heading consistent with your conference presentation;
  2. Names and organisational affiliation of all presenters;
  3. A clear structure for the article;
  4. Clear and unambiguous writing that takes account of readers unfamiliar with your topic or context;
  5. Formatting guidelines as follows:
  • Word formatted;
  • Between 1-3 pages with maximum of 6 if necessary;
  • A list of references or resources complete with URLs or publisher details to enable practitioner follow-up;
  • Times New Roman 12-point font; margins of 2.5 cm all round;
  • Single spaced;
  • 6pt after paragraphs;
  • Free of typographical errors,
  • Clearly identified headings.

While not mandatory you might use the following structure:

  • Context of provision/topic;
  • Content;
  • Approach or Design or Assumptions;
  • Related Resources;
  • Reflections or Implications for practice.

We look forward to receiving your paper to promote the range of practice and provision on offer in the adult LLN field.

You may consider submitting your paper for possible publication in Literacy and Numeracy Studies.