Adult Learning Australia (ALA) and ACAL circulated this media release

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Adult Learning Australia (ALA) and the Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL) are urging the Morrison Government not to withdraw Australia from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills. The OECD Survey of Adult Skills (or PIAAC) measures adult skills and competencies in three key areas:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • problem solving in technology-rich environments.

‘Governments need this information because it provides a strong foundation to develop good public policy and targeted programs’, says Jenny Macaffer, CEO Adult Learning Australia.

Today Australians need proficiency in complex modes of communication and high levels of digital literacy. A lack of language, literacy and numeracy impacts all aspects of an adult’s life and has intergenerational effects on families, children and communities.

PIAAC data is important because it can be used to improve workplace productivity, allocate resources effectively and to identify gaps and priorities.

‘This is a move that has been made without any consultation of critical stakeholders. To withdraw Australia from the next round of PIAAC sends the wrong message to the Australian population and to the international community’, says Jo Medlin, Co-President ACAL.

We are seeking an assurance from the Australian Government to reinstate a commitment to PIAAC at this critical time when jobs are changing rapidly and Australians need improved skills and competencies to better manage their lives at home, at work and in their communities.