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The Last Issue of Literacy Link

Table of Contents - March 2009

  • Visioning Alternatives: Strength-based practice, plasticity and potential in ALBE

  • Adult numeracy provision and practice in England – a challenge bigger than the sum of its parts

  • Call for papers now open for 2009 ACAL conference

  • Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory: a brief summary of some issues

  • A Reason to Go There

  • The National Symposium on Assessing English as an Additional Language/Dialect in the Australian Context

  • Financial Literacy for Female Prisoners – Report on a Pilot Project

  • 2009 VALBEC conference

  • COAG decision on adult literacy funding – a Commonwealth Government perspective

  • Have a say!

  • Letter to the editor

  • Message from the President

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Table of Contents - June 2008

  • Making Connections in the adult literacy and numeracy classroom

  • Review: Making Connections: Adult literacy and numeracy practices

  • Thinking beyond numbers: Learning numeracy for the future workplace

  • Working from our strengths: Building bridges between learners’ literacies and identities

  • What’s happening overseas?

  • Health literacy report coming soon!

  • Keep up to date with VET news

  • All around Australia in 24 hours at the Reading Writing Hotline

  • Surfing outside the flags: Catching waves, avoiding rips

  • Literacy Live

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Table of Contents - April 2008

  • Literacy beyond the classroom: ACAL’s approach to literacy as both lifelong and lifewide

  • New Literacies in the New Workplace

  • Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey: Some New Zealand and Australian findings

  • The Australian Core Skills Framework or ACSF

  • ACAL Conference: Surfing, outside the flags: catching waves, avoiding rips

  • Literacy skills underpin radio broadcasting

  • Literacy Live professional development program

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Table of Contents - February 2008

  • ALLS data – an aid for planning and improvement

  • Adult literacy in Australia: Results from the 2006 Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey

  • Engaging with ALLS: troubling my starting points

  • ALLS data is out there at last!

  • The power of engagement

  • Top of the Class: Indigenous radio trainee wins State award

  • Literacy and the Federal Election

  • Adult Literacy – a propeller

  • Review: Having fun with maths: Activities and games for developing maths language and skills

  • News from Victoria: VALBEC turns 30 in 2008

  • Review: Straight to the Point CD

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Table of Contents – December 2007

  • Moving forward: ACAL and ALLS

  • Let’s Get Real! Integrating LLN into Indigenous VET delivery

  • “Why do so many adults have literacy problems?”

  • Classroom management strategies to address the needs of Sudanese refugee learners

  • Human Capital – the dominant paradigm we could do without?

  • Applying the 3 Rs to training packages

  • Update on the release of the Adult Literacy and Lifeskills Survey (ALLS)

  • Training Packages @ Work

  • The 2007 International Adult Literacy Conference

  • Adult Learners Week ACT

  • News from South Australia

  • Literacy Live Professional Development Program

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Table of Contents – September 2007

  • A false dichotomy: human and social capital outcomes from adult LLN courses

  • Interactive Ochre – a new web-based resource

  • The Learning for Living approach

  • Technology in the workplace

  • Adult Education as a Human Right

  • Understanding Money Pays Off

  • Why you should read Little Children are Sacred

  • Adult Learners’ Week

  • Read Series Two

  • Stories that bears witness: the VALBEC History Project

  • VALBEC conference report – Living Literacies

  • Date for your Diary: 27 September - ACAL AGM

  • Literacy Live Forums

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Table of Contents – July 2007

  • The job of teaching adult literacy is getting more and more complex

  • The Learning for Living project: New directions in training support for foundation learning

  • Contradicting the stereotype: Case studies of success despite literacy difficulties

  • ‘E-word’ being heard by teachers

  • New and emerging technology and literacy

  • Professional qualifications in New Zealand

  • ALLS survey update: initial messages regarding numeracy

  • International Adult Literacy Conference update

  • WELL Resource: OH&S for plasterers made easy

  • Resource: Literacy Face to Face

  • Sweeping reforms in the VET sector – how will literacy fare?

  • Literacy Live Forums

Download (PDF 441KB)

Table of Contents – May 2007

  • ACAL Response to the Community Education and National Reform Discussion Paper

  • Integrating literacies: Using partnerships to build literacy capabilities in communities

  • Respect is due ...

  • Community Literacy at Manukau Institute of Technology – moving forward together

  • Is this class right for me? Acknowledging and addressing feelings of identity among adult literacy students

  • Do lower level courses produce lower outcomes?

  • The Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey: What’s happening in New Zealand

  • Getting ready for ALLS to hit

  • Re-Imagining Adult Literacy Policy for the Life-Course

  • ACAL President invited to speak at UK Conference

  • May Literacy Live Forum

Download (PDF 360KB)

Table of Contents - March 2007

  • The Union Movement and Literacy in New Zealand

  • Foundation Learning Progressions for Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Numeracy

  • Literacy support for Indigenous VET students

  • Transforming Roles, Transforming Relationships

  • The Literacy Gateway to Gaining and Maintaining Income Support

  • Meet Michael Goghlan – the new Literacy Live facilitator

  • Literacy and Numeracy Research Funding Slashed

  • Airwaves improve literacy skills

  • Literacy and Numeracy Minister’s Awards – nominations are now open

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Table of contents - January 2007

  • ACAL Conference in New Zealand in 2007

  • Adult literacy and numeracy research and briefings on the way

  • Balance of Power: Commonwealth and States ownership of VET 4

  • Meanings, Traditions and Contemporary Policy Discourse in Adult Literacy

  • Being non-judgemental - what does this mean?

  • Curriculum is everyone’s business: why don’t we have a national curriculum?

  • Technology in literacy: media sharing

  • A New Look for ACE?

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