How to be part of the ACAL webinar

It's always a good idea to ensure you are prepared well in advance.

To join the webinar you will need...

1. A computer with stable internet connection

2. Headphones if you plan to listen via VoIP

3. A telephone if you plan to listen via teleconference. The number one thing to do to have a great webinar experience is to check/test your computer's compatibility with the webinar room.

It is a quick process: click here to do it.

This session will be a one-way audio webinar, there will be an opportunity for interaction via the chat box. The webinar will be open 30mins prior to the starting time of 3pm AEDT***.

*** Daylight saving in some eastern states Check your timezone here.

Joining the webinar

1. Go to:

2. Under the heading "I am a Participant" enter the following code in the white box: 4124212164

3. Then click on "Join the Web Conference"

4. Enter your First Name and Last Name and click "Done"

*Remember that this will only open 30 mins prior to the starting time.

Sound Difficulties

If you experience any issues in hearing the sound from your computer, please feel free to listen to the event via your telephone.

Details to join the teleconference can be found below:

Dial In:- 1800 896 323 Enter Pass Code: 4124212164

Need assistance?

Simply contact Redback Conferencing on (02) 8014 5150 or email them at

You can contact them at any time before, during or after the event.

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