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Traders, Neighbours and Intruders

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You don't fatten a cow by weighing it!

To celebrate ACAL’s 40th year, a limited edition t-shirt has been designed by French born, Darwin-based artist Franck Gohier. The T-shirt has a 1970’s flavour and contains an edgy socio-political commentary on the state of literacy policy and funding in Australia.

Franck Gohier has an extensive portfolio as a painter, sculptor and printmaker and his work has been acquired by major galleries and private collections throughout the world.

The ACAL 40th anniversary T-shirts will be collector’s items and will only be available for pre-order and pick up at the 40th anniversary conference in Darwin in September.

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Tshirt design

Tshirt artwork

John Guenther - a keynote speaker

John GuentherDr John Guenther is the Research Leader Education and Training, with Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education. Over the last 14 years John has conducted research and evaluation projects which have focused on remote contexts, particularly in the Northern Territory of Australia. A recurring theme in all his work is the importance of learning for adults, young people and children. His interests include education systems and their impact on learning and understanding the interface between cultures in the ‘red dirt’ context of schooling in remote communities.

Red dirt thinking challenges the assumptions that underpin system thinking as it is often applied to remote Australia; encourages those who live in remote Australia to have a voice and be heard; and, demands respectful engagement between non-Indigenous and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, such that local ways of being, knowing, believing and valuing are intrinsically valued.