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September 2016

Skills Australia Training Package Survey

PwC's Skills for Australia - the Skills Service Organisation for the Business Services, Culture and Related Industries, Education, Financial Services, ICT and Printing and Graphic Arts industries - is conducting preliminary consultations to inform future changes to the Training Packages, and therefore the vocational qualifications, in these sectors.

Please follow the link to complete the survey and have your say:

This survey is your opportunity to contribute to the direction of vocational education in the industries that we are preparing business cases for. These business cases, which are to be submitted to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), will present the industry-led case for proposed changes to training products across a range of projects, all of which share the common goal of aligning the skills taught to learners with the needs of industry.

The most important component of each business case is the feedback we receive from our stakeholders, and this survey is our main tool for collecting that feedback. We want to hear from a broad range of industry and VET representatives, ensuring that the proposals put forward to the AISC are the outcome of genuine stakeholder consultation. We would greatly appreciate your participation in this process.

Any responses you provide will remain confidential, however we may follow up with respondents to find out more about their concerns and views. We want to hear from a breadth of individuals who represent Australian employers, government, industry or training providers so please share this link with others in your network.

You do not need to have any specific knowledge of vocational qualifications or units of competency, just a passion for shaping the future learning and training of individuals working in your sector. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact info@skillsforaustralia.com.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback.