Snapshot - Literacy for licence

Karrayili Adult Education Centre’s Driver EducationRachael Marriette is now back on the road after completing Karrayili Adult Education Centre’s Driver Education programme. Rachael enrolled in the programme over a year ago to help her pass her theory test, acquire a Learner’s Permit, get professional driving lessons and pass her driving test.

The Driver Education course was delivered under the Certificates in General Education for Adults (Introductory) and gave Rachael the opportunity to slowly work through all the licencing requirements getting the literacy support she needed.

“This course really helped me to work on my licence,” Rachael said. “If I didn’t get help from Karrayili it would’ve taken me longer to do it. It was really good and the teachers made sure I kept going and didn’t give up. I’m happy now that I’ve got my licence back so that I can drive my kids around and use it for my new job.”

Fiztroy Crossing AustraliaKarrayili has been delivering Driver Education for the last 25 years supporting Fitzroy Crossing, town communities and communities of the Fitzroy Valley. For more information contact General Education Coordinator, Emilia Biemmi Beurteaux on 08 9191 5333.


Picture: Rachael Marriette back on the road with help from Karrayili’s Driver Education team, David Beurteaux (Accredited Driving Instructor) and Emilia Biemmi Beurteaux (General Education lecturer)


*Many thanks to a careful reader who pointed out the spelling mistake in the earlier title and text of this article "Literacy for License". We apologise for the mistake.  For those who are wondering, the rule for Australian spelling is that 'licence' with a 'c' is used for the noun and 'license' with an 's' for the verb. American English uses an 's' in both cases and spellchecks on computers are likely to reproduce the American spelling.


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