Here’s a taste of likely conference sessions

Subject to change without notice


Weaving numeracy through your EAL curricula: Enriching the learning experience for your students

Gabriella Zibell and Tracey Batt

This is Rubbish!

Linno Rhodes

Meeting a Community Need: Customising Learning Materials to Teach Basic Legal Rights and Digital Literacy Skills Using Mobile Technology to Migrants and Refugees.

Steve Goldberg

Above or below the line

Nathalie Parr & Ruth Ginter

Climate change literacy in adult basic education?

Keiko Yasukawa, Janet Dynne & Raviro Chineka

Aboriginal Maestras: Bringing out our voices through the Yes, I Can! Campaign

Frances Williamson, Rose Amazan & Deborah Durnan

TWAFFA: Trigger word analysis for fairer assessment

Leigh Dwyer

Rough diamonds: digital literacy with the garbos

Jill Finch

Utilising digital technology to maximise learning in Adult Foundation Skills classes.

Anh Le


Accounting for the full value of learners’ outcomes

Judy Hunter, Jane Furness & Bronwyn Yates

Raising Cultural Awareness through action research in the Australian Migrant English classroom

Alison Abraham

Transforming Practice through an understanding of socio-cultural conditions in the classroom

Alison Abraham

Digital and linguistic resources of pre and beginner level adult English language learners: what are the affordances and limitations?

Julie Choi & Yvette Slaughter

Hinatore: Upskilling Maori and Pasifika Workplace Learners

Anne Alkema, Cain Kerehoma & Laloifi Ripley

Adult learners and the sustainability of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory.

Michele Willsher, Janine Oldfield & Trudy Avlonitis

ACAL Conference

'Critical re-imagining: adult literacy and numeracy practices for sustainable development'

4-5 October • 3 October Preconference

University of Technology Sydney