Pre-conference: Weaving a richer narrative of adult literacy and numeracy

A pre-conference will be held on 3 October, facilitated by Prof. Joe Lo Bianco, University of Melbourne.

At the 2010 ACAL conference in Darwin, Prof. Joe Lo Bianco advised ACAL conference participants that in order to have an influence on the shape of what was to become the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults, practitioners in the field needed to weave the stories of the lived experiences of learners and teachers into the stories that policy makers create purely from numbers.

This pre-conference workshop will be a working conference where practitioners, led by Joe will workshop how the adult literacy and numeracy community might weave a richer narrative of our learners’ stories.

ACAL Conference

'Critical re-imagining: adult literacy and numeracy practices for sustainable development'

4-5 October • 3 October Preconference

University of Technology Sydney