40th ACAL conference: Darwin 12-15 September 2017

Come to the ACAL conference and hear about national and international initiatives to grow young people’s capacity for education and employment, such as ...

Building English Capacity: A Program with young people in Timor Leste

In 2015 the Northern Territory Department of Education funded and commenced a program to teach Spoken and Written English to young Timorese adults. Graduates receive a fully accredited qualification through Australia’s Skills Qualification Authority (ASQA) which provides them with a pathway to employment or further education. More than 150 students have now graduated from their course with most gaining employment. The program is staffed by Timorese nationals and involves innovative uses of technology and Sister School partnerships with schools in the northern Territory.

Call for papers

Points of Contact is a metaphor for critically engaged debates that touch on issues of education and training for active citizenship, productive work, cultural engagement and leisure pursuits. Without positive opportunities in these areas and chances to activate democratic engagement many people are unable to shape the conditions under which they can live their lives. Points of Contact emphasises active participation in decision making across a range of decision-making spaces: in classrooms, in factories, under trees, in policy meetings, over backyard fences, in political backrooms and in research teams.


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Proposals due March 19, 2017