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Opening Keynote

'Getting Serious about Adult Literacy in Australia'

Professor Joe Lo Bianco, Chair of Language and Literacy Education and Associate Dean (Global Engagement), The University of Melbourne

Session outline

Joe's presentation is available in two audio formats.

(MP3 Audio file 17 MB)
(WAV Audio file 27 MB)

F1.4 The evolution of LLN needs in the community, workplaces and the VET system and strategies to meet those needs: a practitioners' perspective

Suzanne Blakemore, TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute

See the presentation (PDF 1.1MB)

Session outline

F1.5 Looking at it from our way…

Glenys Collard and Cheryl Wiltshire, WA Department of Education

See the presentation (PDF 250KB)

Session outline

F1.8 Tucker Signing Strategies for Reading

Sally Sudweeks, Beewise Inc.

See the presentation (PDF 50KB)

Session outline

F2.1 The New Zealand Literacy Alliance

Nicky Murray, Industry Training Federation

See the presentation (PDF 750KB)

Session outline

F2.3 Mt Evelyn Football/Netball Club history project

Kerrin Pryor, Morrisons and Philippa McLean

See the presentation (PDF 150KB)

Session outline

Friday Afternoon Keynote

'Language, literacy and social inclusion in Timor-Leste'

HE. Kirsty Sword Gusmão, Chairwoman of the Alola Foundation and Goodwill Ambassador for Education, Timor-Leste

Kirsty Sword Gusmão's presentation is available in two audio formats.

(MP3 Audio file 12 MB) (WAV Audio file 19 MB)

F3.1 Measuring Adult Literacy

Loucas Harous, Assistant Director, Australian Bureau of Statistics

See the presentation (PDF 450KB)

Session outline

F3.2 Language, literacy and learning for life: Policy and practice in Northern Territory libraries

Cate Richmond, Northern Territory Library

See the presentation (PDF 40KB)

Session outline

F3.3 Reading the community: young refugee mothers talk about becoming literate

Pamela McPherson, Macquarie University

See the presentation (PDF 420KB)

Session outline

F3.4 Cuba's Yo Si Puedo Literacy Method and Timor-Leste's National Literacy Campaign

Bob Boughton and Deborah Durnan, University of New England, NSW

See the presentation (PDF 550KB)

Session outline

F3.7 Steppin Out at Yarrabah: life after CDEP

Cathrena McRae, The Learning Workshop and Steppin Out Community Mentors

See the presentation (PDF 250KB)

Session outline

F3.8 Learning at Work Book: Supporting self-determination in the remote Indigenous child care workforce

Melodie Bat, Lyn Fasoli, Claire Kilgariff

See the presentation (PDF 2.4MB)

Session outline

F4.3 Situated numeracy in everyday contexts

Kalpana Chana and Phil Kane, Manukau Institute of Technology

See the presentations

Literacy and Numeracy in Everyday Context (PowerPoint 400KB)

Instances of Numeracy in Recycling and Refuse Collection (PowerPoint 500KB)

Media stories as a Numeracy Resource(PDF 300KB)

Session outline

F4.4 Diabetes literacy: Making a case for partnerships between health promotion and adult L&N

Stephen Black, Centre for Research in Learning and Change, University of Technology, Sydney

See the presentation (PDF 220KB)

Session outline

F4.6 Embedding literacy and numeracy into vocational teaching

Erica O'Riordan and Jan Brown, Western Institute of Technology Taranaki (WITT)

See the presentation (PDF 30KB)

Session outline

F4.7 New WELL resources

Cathrena McRae, The Learning Workshop

See the presentation (PDF 160KB)

Session outline

Saturday Morning Keynote

'Ethical Foundations of Critical Mathematics Education: A Socially Response-able Approach'

Bill Atweh, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education at the Science and Mathematics Education Centre at Curtin University of Technology

See the presentation (PDF 130KB)

Bill's presentation is available in audio (MP3 Audio file 23 MB)

Session outline

S1.2 Embedding LLN in communications - a creative approach

Cathy Watson, LLN specialist (NZ) and Diane Radford, Speech and Drama Specialist (NZ)

See the presentation (PDF 1.1MB)

Session outline

S1.3 Adults with dyslexia: Anywhere to go? Age appropriate teaching of phonemic awareness and phonics for adults with literacy needs

Kerry Mitchell and Sue Johnston, NSW TAFE Sydney Institute

See the presentation (PDF 1.3MB)

Session outline

S1.4 Contextualised assessment tools for workplace programs

Philippa McLean and Jenni Oldfield

See the presentation (PDF 20KB)

Session outline

S1.5 An awesome foursome - 4 family literacy models: Reflections and experiences of cross-sectoral partnerships

Ann Leske and Leonie Francis, TAFE NSW Riverina Institute

See the presentation (PDF 60KB)

Session outline

S1.6 The Language of Beauty Therapy: an online approach to learning the language of anatomy and physiology in the context of Beauty Therapy and Massage disciplines

Belinda Bold, Victoria University

See the presentation (PDF 300KB)

Session outline

S1.7 Crocodiles and polar bears: A cross cultural comparison of adult learning in remote indigenous communities

Alison Reedy, Charles Darwin University and Michelle Eady, University of Wollongong

See the presentation (external link)

Session outline

S3.4 Mumgu Dhal Tyama Tiyt - Message Stick of Knowledge - engaging Indigenous students in Melbourne's west

Jennifer Lees and Lia Pa'apa'a, Victoria University

See the presentation (PDF 1MB)

Session outline

S3.6 Supporting hands on delivery: curriculum that offers options

Helena Zielinska, WA Department of Corrective Services and Cheryl Wiltshire,WA Department of Training and Workforce Development

See the presentation (PDF 200KB)

Session outline

S4.1 Embedding LN into training materials for trades training in the NZ context

Nicola Welch, InfraTrain New Zealand

See the presentation (PDF 900KB)

Session outline

S4.2 All aboard the brunchXpress - an interactive and innovative approach to ESL delivery

Brett Olsen and Stuart Abrahamson, WA Central Institute of Technology

See the presentation (PDF 1.5MB)

Session outline

S4.3 Inclusive Education in Timor-Leste

Jose Monteiro, National Coordinator for Inclusive Education, Ministry of Education, Timor-Leste

See the presentation (PDF 350KB)

Session outline

S4.4 Blind date: An exploration of the potential for partnerships between literacy teachers and community service workers

Ann Leske, TAFE NSW Riverina Institute, Wagga Wagga Campus

This is a research project funded under the auspices of NCVER and is expected to be released in late 2010.

Session outline


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