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The Call for Presentations is now closed.

Everyone who submitted a proposal will be notified and we expect this to be in the first week of June.


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Practitioners, researchers, program managers, project participants and policy analysts working in the field of adult language, literacy and numeracy are invited to submit a presentation proposal for the Hands up... Hands on… ACAL 2010 Conference.

ACAL will consider all proposals and select presentations to create a program with something for the varying interests of our delegates. We are particularly interested in exploring the differences and commonalities of the multiple spaces and places where adult literacy and numeracy learning occurs formally and informally: corrections, community, health, media, TAFE Institutes, enterprise, universities, families, community organisations, and across agencies.


There are three sub-themes:

  • Literacy and numeracy for everyday living
    • Good practice in both formal and informal contexts whether delivered by paid or unpaid workers with families, seniors, in workplaces, corrections or other sites of learning
  • Literacy and numeracy for building strong communities
    • Aboriginal adult learning contexts, including bilingual and bidialectal strategies
    • Family Literacy and cross agency approaches
    • Diversity in programs and approaches including countries that border Australia
  • Reclaiming quality learning and teaching
    • Pedagogies and practices in adult literacy & numeracy
    • Approaches to deal with diversity in learning styles and needs
    • Good practice using technology to build adult literacy and numeracy
    • Policies and programs to meet the professional learning needs of practitioners
    • Promoting practitioner research in adult literacy and numeracy
    • Other areas of good practice, resources and programs.

The conference will again provide an opportunity for practitioners to engage in professional conversations and be inspired and energized in a collegial environment. Practitioners will be motivated to explore new ideas and effective approaches to deal with diverse learner cohorts and create sustainable learning environments. The conference program will focus on the practical and applied ways of teaching and enhancing learning through stimulating workshop activities.


ACAL is seeking presentations that

  • Are interactive and/or 'hands on'
  • Demonstrate effective practice with 'take-aways'
  • Exemplify adult learning principles and teaching methodologies
  • Display creativity, innovation and flexibility
  • Stimulate discussion of relevant issues, theory and practice
  • Promote or critique state and federal government policies and priorities.

We encourage presenters to include one or more of these features in their session so delegates have a choice of a wide range of high quality learning experiences and opportunities to discuss current policy, theory and practice.

Formats for the presentations can include:

  • Research or project papers
  • Interactive practical workshops
  • Panels of up to 4 speakers

Workshops/Presentations will be 50 and 90 minutes duration.

Copyright of individual workshops presented at the 2010 ACAL conference remains copyright of the respective author/s. However, ACAL reserves the right to publish papers, record presentations and distribute information about these workshops for teaching and research purposes in relevant journals or on the website.

The proposal form can be completed online.

All presenters will be required to register.

Presenters will receive discounted registration.

More information

Don MacDowall, Conference Organiser


Phone: 03 9546 6892

Fax: 03 8610 1061

Conference Secretariat: Box 938, Springvale South VIC 3172 Australia


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